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Special note for Non EU students

Health insurance in Germany stands valid only when it is provided by a state or state regulated health insurance provider located in Germany.

Please note, there are many health insurance companies (mostly private run) that claim to insure you for your education in Germany in your home countries like India, China, Vietnam, Mexico etc.

According to the EU and German law, the health insurances companies from your home countries claiming to insure you in Germany are not valid and do not suffice to cover your stay for university education in Germany. For more details on German Health Law Regulations for foreign students please refer to the following sites for more information:

As a student, you stand to loose money that you have planned to save by buying insurance policies from your home country that claims to insure you in Germany. As these insurance policies are invalid in Germany, the student ends up paying twice the amount for the health insurance. Remember, a Euro saved, is a Euro earned.

German regulated health insurance is required by all students.

  • To enroll as a student in a German university
  • For receiving a residence permit (long stay VISA granted by foreign office in Germany or what is called Auslandersamt)!
  • Also for a part time job you need to hold a valid health insurance
  • Every student enrolled in university studies also gets a social security number which can be obtained by registering with a valid state regulated German Health Insurance provider.
    • This social security number is required for obtaining part time job permit and also required by the employer for completing formalities towards your part time employment and internships in companies.

The German student insurance has standard price slabs and it is highly subsidized by the state especially for the students to ease their financial burden.

Register yourself online to fulfill the formalities well in advance towards getting one step forward for being enrolled in your institute.

You can also submit acceptance of conditional insurance from your health service provider in Germany to the VISA authorities as a document of proof that you have been given conditional insurance and coverage for your stay in Germany. This is an additional document that will help to ease the VISA process.

This service is totally free of cost and has been created for the international students enrolling with German universities.