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You have opted to study in one of the most attractive academic societies of the world. Deutsche Insurance is able to help you reducing the stress of dealing directly with the bureaucracy related to procurement of the mandatory statutory health insurance for international students studying in Germany.

Germany`s state ruled health insurance was the first such system in the world providing health insurance for ordinary working class people introduced already in 1883 by Otto von Bismarck. Many of the structures are only to be explained when you have in mind the long historic process of its development. You to not have to understand all details required as we are absorbing this responsibility on your behalf. For students the compulsory health insurance is mandatory and all companies have the same base prices offering some additional services.

Deutsche Insurance will be happy to forward your request to your desired insurance provider in Germany or you ask us to select a cost effective option with the most comprehensive cover. Our simple process allows you to select and apply online for your health insurance.

This is a requirement for your VISA and your subsequent university enrollment in Germany.

Different insurers have different prices and different benefits. Deutsche Insurance offers you a  price comparison of each of our associated insurance companies.

Deutsche Insurance is looking forward to serve you towards a successful study and stay in Germany! This enables you to focus on other issues such as your German Visa.

Your Deutsche Insurance Team

AOK Advantages

AOK is one of the largest non profit oriented health insurance organizations in Germany. We have the administrative and financial strength to provide excellent medical care at moderate rates. Our service is fast, competent and non-bureaucratic. You can count on us in case of emergency.

We offer you:

  • Affordable premiums
  • Our special “AOK Student-Service
    Individual advice and personal service provided by our student advisers
  • Free choice among 130.000 doctors and dentists
  • No advance payments thanks to your AOK card
  • Accessible office locations, directly on-site in many university and college towns
  • Long opening hours and quick, non-bureaucratic help when needed
  • Nation-wide telephone hotline at the cost of a local call
  • Advice and assistance in all matters relating to social security
  • A comprehensive program to promote health and healthy living


AOK Rheinland-Hamburg  located in Duesseldorf  is a State Insurance and nursing insurance provider for Rheinland (Duesseldorf and Cologne Region) as well as Hamburg.  The new entity AOK Rheinland/Hamburg was formed as a result of a merger between AOK Rheinland and AOK Hamburg in 2006. The new entity has approximately 2,9 million members and is the largest health insurer in the Rhineland area.

BARMER is Germany’s one of the leading health insurance providers. Our dedicated and qualified staff at 690 branches around the country is always happy to help with any questions concerning your health. Personal contact, competent advice and innovative schemes for our members – that’s what we work hard to achieve: with services spanning our health hotline and health magazine, our 24-hour online branch and attractive additional insurance options.

You are leaving your country to live, study or work in Germany?
Surely there is much to arrange, including your German health insurance coverage.
DAK being a statutory health insurance provider attends more than 6 million members. DAK would like to welcome you as well. We take care of all cost regarding doctor´s, dentist or hospital treatment. DAK covers expenses for prescribed medicines. We gladly advise you in case of any question. You may meet us personally at one of our 400 service centers located all over the Germany. Call us from wherever you are. Our objective is to attend to your needs at all times.
Please apply for your membership using the our link, attaching your admission letter and your picture. Within a working day you will receive our e-mail confirming your certified membership.
Choose now, it takes you only 5 minutes to become part of DAK family.

Novitas BKK – That´s Us!
We’re different from other insurers – and we are so deliberately. We will be listening carefully to you and and will ask more information from you in order  to learn from you what your needs are in your specific situation.

Our secret is to really care  to communicate with you instead of exchanging platitudes. We will communicate understandably, also might have a different opinion sometimes, are honest, authentic and personal. We support you in analyzing your individual situation and finding the best possible solution depending on your confidence. Therefore, we deal with each and every customer in an individual manner. This distinguishes us from other health insurers. We are listening, thinking and taking care of you. Thanks to our first-class service and our performance our customers are benefited.


TK is a strong community having more than 10 million members and we are gaining more members every day. TK assures you excellent medical care and in addition you receive great services. TK is well placed financially. And this pays off for its members. Our professional TK-Service Team is at your disposal during 24 hours on the phone throughout 365 days.

Top performance for your health
AXA is the insurer setting new standards. With AXA private health insurance policies AXA offers self and staff excellence for their health – and with attractive contributions.

International Travel Insurance Specialist
Since more than fifteen Years Care Concept AG (CCAG) is specialized in health insurance for Germany and the EU countries catering for visitors from all over the world.

Currently more than 150.000 customers are insured through CCAG.  Insurance coverage ranges from one day up to several years. Our customers appreciate the wide range of products and expertise in all aspects of international health insurance.

State of the art online technology enables CCAG to deliver insurance certificates within a few minutes online to their customers, be it individuals or groups. Our international team covers 12 languages thus servicing our customers at a maximum.

We are targeting for individual travelers an groups on business or holidays, Expatriates, language scholars, Au-Pairs, seasonal workers, members of embassies and consulates.

Travel insurance policies are important because they protect unforeseeable events abroad. The choice of the right travel insurance depends on your security needs and your personal situation. As a quality provider of safety concepts in the tourism and business travel, the Hamburg HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG (HMR) has a market share of over 20 percent, making it the second largest company in the tourist insurance business. It belongs to the HanseMerkur Insurance Group, a nationally active, powerful and medium-sized health insurer.