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Useful Information on German Health Insurance for International Students from Non-EU countries

Are you heading for Germany to study?

Some details you need to know:

– Every international student attending a university in Germany must have a health insurance besides a German visa and other requirements.

– You cannot enroll at a university without a health insurance. A health insurance is always required.

– Statutory health insurance only begins from the day of enrollment at your university. If you arrive earlier in Germany you should have a travel insurance covering this period

– Basic benefits of the insurance are determined by German law and therefore are identical.


Monthly premiums for a statutory health insurance, depending on the insurer are:

                      under 23 years                            over 23 years

AOK Bayern                                  €90,02                                         €91,64

AOK Rheinland                            €91,97                                         €93,59

Barmer-GEK                                 €90,02                                         €91,64

DAK                                                €92,62                                       €94,24

Novitas-BKK                                 €91,64                                         €93,26

TK                                                   €89,37                                        €90,99

If you are older than 30 or have studied more than 14 academic semesters wherever, statutory health insurance premium will be substantially higher (almost doubled).

Your best choice would be a private health insurance like UKV, Hanse Merkur or AXA:


Student or not, the tariff LER 301 is an ideal travel companion for everyone, as it provides comprehensive insurance protection. Monthly rates are moderate and depending on the age:

20 – 40 years € 122,71/month

41 – 60 years € 204,51/month

Hanse Merkur

Hanse Merkur is a typical travel health insurance with some restrictions compared to the full coverage of the statutory health insurance, it has for persons under 35 years

Young Travel Health Insurance                    for language school students, interns, Au-Pairs, PhDs and participants in travel or work programmes.

They offer Basic and Premium Rates:

During the first year the daily rate is            Basic 1,19 €/day

Premium 1,75 €/day

During the next 4 years the daily rate is      Basic 1,65 €/day

Premium 2,15 €/day

For all others up to 65 years of age Hanse Merkur offers

Travel insurance Foreign Guests            Rates are starting at 1,70 €/day


AXA is a private insurance with benefits comparable to the statuary health insurance. It is more expensive then the travel insurances, but you have a higher coverage. It is recommended for Freelancers having a better income.

Monthly premium ranges from 300 €,  to 400 €, depending on your age.

Information given in this paper are based on feed back provided by the insurance companies. Deutsche Insurance tries to keep all data updated but is not able to guarantee for any of the given rates and benefits. There are regularly modifications of tariffs.