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Best Health Insurance in Germany for International Students

According to German law everyone living in the country must have an adequate health insurance. Applying for residence, work, study or renewing a visa, international students need to prove a German health insurance coverage to the authorities. German Health Insurance is a condition precedent.

EU citizens don´t need a visa or residence permit to enter or stay in Germany. Therefore generally the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is likely to be sufficient to cover their health insurance while in the country.

Once you are an enrolled student from a Non-EU country at a state-recognized university you are able to get Compulsory Health Insurance cover at the best price, provided you are under 30 years old.

It is possible and advisable to apply for Health Insurance already before coming to Germany at Deutsche Insurance homepage ( The premium has to be paid only once you are beginning your studies!

In principle a Statutory State Controlled Health Insurance is not available to International Students at private institutions, to part-time students, or to those studying for a PhD or equivalent qualifications.

If in principle you are not eligible for insurance cover from Statutory State Controlled Health Insurance you might want to look for a part-time job which pays a low salary. This status would allow you to enjoy nevertheless the benefits of the affordable Statutory State Controlled Health Insurance.

Depending on duration of your course, there may exist the option of an economic travel insurance covering cost of medical treatment during your stay in Germany. Quite often it´s an economic alternative to the costly private healthcare insurance.

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