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Private Health Insurance

We highly recommend applying for Private Health Insurance if you belong to the following categories:

  • You are an intern in Germany for less than a year, please contact us
  • You are a short term exchange student in Germany, please contact us
  • If you require an insurance product that is unique and suited to your specific needs, please contact us

Key Benefits At a Glance:

Many people opt for a private fund due to extensive services *.

  • Comprehensive reimbursement for dental treatment
  • Alternative Treatments
  • Naturopathy and Psychotherapy
  • Comfort treatment, short waiting times, short-term appointments

* Depending on the contract individually selectable. You pay only for what you really need.

Checklist For Private Health Insurance:

Before you decide on a provider and sign the insurance contract, you can check with some features to decide if the insurance meets your needs.

  • Post Stability : The company offers a solid financial basis and to operate successfully in the market. This has influence on the calculation of contributions , so that your posts are in good hands and thus remain stable over time.
  • Range of tariffs : The insurance has several tariff options to choose from which you can choose. So get yourself in the long term good value for money.
  • The company offers reimbursement of contributions , eg. for unused services.
  • The insurance pays medical bills submitted and unhurried
  • The company offers both tariffs that are on the market for a long time, as well as those that are available only a few years (10 years or less). Then you can better optimize your plan later if needed.
  • Service quality : Check the health insurance offers good contacts. These include a possible free, at least Monday through Friday achievable Hotline.
  • Unless you put a value on local contacts to have, check this before.

Some aspects are difficult to assess for outsiders and new customers. Therefore check current PHI with reviews and rankings . These often contain information about service quality or the financial situation of the providers.