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Medical Care

German Medical Insurance or Statutory German Health Insurance is mandatory for students intending to travel to Germany or to enroll at a German university.
As a student it is important to focus on your education and your career. Whenever your doctor thinks it makes sense to take action, your HEALTH INSURER will assist to relieve you from any burden of payment for medical care.
A personal consultation with your doctor, an extensive examination in your doctor’s practice, a consultation at your home – your HEALTH INSURER will bear the cost.

Seeing The Doctor

  • In case of illness you can choose a recognized medical doctor of your trust from more than 300.000 in Germany.
  • Consult a medical doctor or a dentist of your choice with your HEALTH INSURANCE Card.


  • Students covered under health insurance policy can be sure of having access to all medicines required for the best medical care at a minor cost.
  • Make use of your doctor’s competence and let him advise you the right medicine while your HEALTH INSURER will arrange payment to the doctor within an agreed legal limit.
  • For medication only available by prescription students as well as all other patients have to make a small contribution.


  • Physiotherapy, ergo therapy, baths, massage, logopedics or radiation are some examples of remedies to be prescribed.
  • If a recognized physician or consultant considers the provision of such remedies necessary for medical reasons and prescribing them, the HEALTH INSURER will bear the contractually agreed prices (excluding the statutory co-payment).

Natural Remedies

  • HEALTH INSURERS consider alternative medicine as a supportive treatment covered by the insurance policy. For example your HEALTH INSURER will bear part of costs of acupuncture treatment.
  • In any case the patient is advised to check with the HEALTH INSURER before getting any treatment.


  • HEALTH INSURERS sign contracts with the best hospitals and clinics to ensure that patients enjoy the latest methods of treatment without any time limit.
  • However, a student is required to pay a small contribution to the cost of medication within the first 28 days of each insured year.

Dentures And Crowns.

  • Dental treatment are paid for on the basis of the benefit-in-kind principle. In case of needing a dental crown, you will get a fixed contribution from your insurer, calculated as a percentage of the total cost.
  • Your dentist will prepare a cost estimation to be submitted to the HEALTH INSURER before treatment.
  • If you are over 18 years old seeing the dentist at least once a year, you are entitled to a bonus, and the HEALTH INSURER will bear a higher percentage of the cost.

Accident Insurance

  • Students are also covered by an accident insurance.
  • The premium is being paid by the respective regional authority, during study semesters and by your employer during vocational training.
  • This insurance covers the student for all activities related to the attendance of university courses, training during training semesters or internship, if this is required by his curriculum.

Important: In case of an accident this has to be reported immediately to the respective university or training centre.

In case of any other question Deutsche Insurance will be happy to assist you!