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Student Health Insurance

Question: Is it mandatory for students to get a health insurance?

Answer: Under German law and European Union authority everybody studying at college or university is required to procure a health insurance from a German health insurance provider (same as a compulsory German Visa). You will need to submit an insurance certificate (Krankenversicherungnachweis) when enrolling at college or university. Deutsche Insurance Team will be happy to provide you such a certificate.

In case you are originating from a European Economic Zone country AND already have a health insurance in your home country Deutsche Insurance will help you to obtain a confirmation of release from a German health insurance company.

Question: Is a student insurable under a family health insurance policy?

Answer: Students may be insured through their family policy (German students only).

Up to your 25th birthday you may be insured free of charge under your parents insurance, provided they are insured in Germany. However, if your regular monthly income exceeds 355, – EUR, you cannot remain insured with your parents and you will need to get your own insurance policy. Compulsory military service or civil service in Germany may extend the period of insurance cover under a family policy.

Question: What is the average policy rate? When does this policy get effective and for how long is it valid?

Answer: All statutory health insurance providers offer a Student Health Insurance policy at attractive rates. Current monthly rates please see further below.

Your insurance takes effect from the day you enroll or re-register at college or university and remains valid until completion of the 14th semester or until you are 30 years old.

Still an extension may be justified for family or other personal reasons such as serious illness or birth of a child. In case you originate from a country of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you may be able to use your local health insurance. In this case you might want to contact the Foreign Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) of your respective German university for more information.

Under 23 years over 23 years
AOK Bayern €90,02 €91,64
AOK Rheinland €91,97 €93,59
Barmer €90,02 €91,64
BKK Novitas €91,64 €93,26
DAK €92,62 €94,24
TK €89,37 €90,99

Question: Does it mean that a student cannot be insured after completing 14 semesters or crossing the age of 30?

Answer: Voluntary insurance

In case you are over the age of 30 or if you have completed 14 semesters, you should look for a private health insurer. Deutsche Insurance Team will be happy to assist you finding the best solution.

Students having their residence in Germany, who are no longer insured under the statutory system, may procure insurance as voluntary members. In order to qualify however, you have to provide proof of a “previous insurance” covering either a total of 24 months within the last 5 years or at least one year (12 months) uninterrupted insurance prior to registration with a German statutory health insurer.

Deutsche Insurance Team will be happy to assist you finding the best solution.

Question: May a family member accompanying the student get coverage by the same insurance provider? What is the additional expense?

Answer: Family insurance

If members of your family (husband/wife, children) are accompanying you to Germany, they may also be insured by your health insurer at no additional charge. In order to qualify, members of your family must also live in Germany. Further they must not exceed certain low income limits. Your HEALTH INSURER and Deutsche Insurance will be pleased to advise you.

Question: Is there any designated personnel / authority to guide / advise the student on health insurance aspects?

Answer: your Deutsche Insurance Team and your HEALTH INSURER.

Deutsche Insurance and your HEALTH INSURER are your partners. Your finally selected HEALTH INSURER will provide you with comprehensive health insurance at affordable rates providing competent advice when required.

Send us an e-mail ( and Deutsche Insurance Team is happily at your disposal.