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Since April 2016 Deutsche Insurance has linked with Mexicans in Germany /Méxicanos en Alemania in view of the important and still increasing number of Mexicans studying in Germany (more than 2.200).

En “mexicanos en Alemania” queremos mostrar las manifestaciones culturales, sociales y culturales entre ambos países y también mostrar una mirada más abierta que incluya a tod@s los mexican@s viviendo en Alemania no importando su edad, estrato social o académico. Damos igualmente la bienvenida  a los  alemanes interesados en la cultura y vida de los mexicanos viviendo en Alemania y México. Tienes preguntas sobre como colaborar o como anunciarte en el sitio? escríbenos a:

During September 2015 Deutsche Insurance has tied up with communication Akoun & Scholten (AS), Duisburg. Set up in 2000 AS is a licensed institution dedicated to advanced language training of German. AS believes in communication as a key to successful learning, understanding and success in a global world.

AS is inclined to support its clients in improving its communication skills on which level ever.

During 2014 Deutsche Insurance has tied up with HAUS DER MENTOREN.

Advancement of the education, national- and vocational education, including assistance to students, mainly with regard to economic questions during the transition between the generations and towards a professional career, as well as the encouragement of civil engagement in favor of the afore-mentioned non-profit purpose.

Another corporate purpose is the promotion of international orientation, of tolerance in all cultural areas including the dealings with one another in the business world and concerning the thoughts on international understanding.

The Company pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the regulations of the clause “tax-deductible purposes” of the General Fiscal Law.

The Company operates selflessly and does not primarily pursue its own financial interests.

For the long-term realization of our projects we kindly ask for your highly welcome donations.


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As a multiple general insurance agent, Werner Schlegtendal Agency cooperates with several German insurers offering the best possible insurance coverage to its customers.

Already in 1909 Insurance Agency Werner Schlegtendal was founded in Duisburg, Germany. Patrick Schlegtendal, grandson of Werner, is in charge of the Agency after taking over from his father in 2002.